Looking into the future

Kids, I know you're reading this.

I recently had a pretty scary thought...

What if my kids read this someday? They'll think that Dad's crazy. And just imagine the blackmail material. They could threaten at any moment to bring up some weird entry from the archives when we have the boss over for dinner. Hmm, I guess I'll have to be my own boss.

If my kids are reading this, I guess I should say hello. Hi kids.

Even if I'm my own boss, this blog can still get me into trouble. What if one of them wants to go camp out for tickets to the *NSYNC Reunion Tour and I don't think it's a good idea to be on the street all night? I'll have to explain why it was alright when I waited for an Apple Store to open in Bethesda.

Oh, and school. Wow, my complaints will surely get me into trouble. In fact... hold on a second.

No! Please put that down. You know Daddy's Oscar is not a toy. Yes, Daddy's action figure is a toy. No, Daddy is not a doll. Yes, I see that Daddy is losing to the dinosaur.

Sorry about that. Anyway, my mom once told me that one day my kids would be complaining about school, and she would be able to tell them that I complained too, and then I'd be in real trouble. At least I didn't get my blog until college, otherwise the "Complaint" category would have even more anti-school rants. I just hope that they don't inherit my methods of organization.

Some people have to start watching what they say when their employers or families start reading, so I wonder if will take a proactive approach and...

Don't eat that!

Listen, I gotta go.

Posted: Tuesday - October 25, 2005 at 04:12 AM