What if we had more ad-supported options?

Some people are tired of the endless marketing messages. I say bring it on.

You can watch TV shows for free (sorta) with commercials, or you can buy them on DVD or iTunes without the ads.
Web browsers can be offered for free with websites paying for default bookmarks, homepages, and search engines.

Why stop there?

We still have tolls on our highways. Can't Viacom and Clear Channel strike a deal with the DOT to get better billboard placement... and get rid of the tolls?

Even with a free road, cars are pretty expensive. Let's make those free too. Radio stations could pay to be on a city's default (but changeable) car radio presets. Restaurants and gas stations could pay to be preset destinations in the navigation system.

I don't want to pay for my house either. Give me one for free, and put any movie posters you want on the walls. And stock my shelves with sample sizes.

Posted: Tuesday - February 28, 2006 at 02:15 PM