Pimp my ride

How to pimp out a wheelchair.

One of my professors was recently injured, and today was showing off his electric wheelchair. Now, I had toyed with the idea of pimping out a wheelchair before, but never had an actual guy-in-a-wheelchair to talk about it, therefore giving me the go-ahead to use the joke in public. Here's an initial list of things a pimped out wheelchair should have:
- Modified horn
- Spinners
- Hydraulics
- Stereo
- Under-chair lighting

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's all that I can remember right now. I've had this conversation before, so I guess I'll search through the AIM logs...

Please read this update:
I apologize for the confusion, but I do not know of any resources for pimping out a wheelchair. I was simply speculating what one could do, and do not actually know anyone who has done this. Several people have emailed me asking about where to buy spinners or other items for wheelchairs. Other than the occasional custom eBay item, (please try searching there) I have not found any places that sell these items. If anybody has any useful information on this topic, please email wysz@mac.com and I will post it below. If there are any entrepreneurial types out there, please be advised that this is an untapped market with customers who are looking for you!

No, I mean read THIS update!
Thanks to Lance for pointing me to this segment on CNN.com that talks about a California wheelchair company called Colors in Motion that customizes wheelchairs, and yes, it looks like they do spinners. I think I linked to the right place, but it's hard to tell as their website seems out of date. If anyone has more info, please let me know.

No, no read this one:
Brandon emailed in with this video. If you want to learn more, contact him at wheelofadeal at cox dot net.

Please note that I do not have any information other than what is written above.

Posted: Wednesday - September 15, 2004 at 01:08 PM