That's A New One

Shoelace-based adventure.

Leaving my apartment tonight to go to Wawa, I closed the door on my shoelace. I didn't want to unlock the door just for a shoelace, so I pulled it out, causing my shoe to become untied. I then had to tie my shoe in the smelly hallway. I estimate I was inconvenienced for about nine seconds because of this incident.

My Wawa order:
Italian hoagie: LTO, mayo
Pepsi: 12 oz. can
Doughnut: Chocolate frosted
Coffee: A delicate 20 oz. blend of Dark Roast and French Vanilla cappuccino.

I also got gas and hit the surcharge-free ATM. Gotta have Wawa.

Posted: Thursday - November 11, 2004 at 11:40 PM