Good Apple

Looking on the bright side. Sorta.

Even though Apple hasn't taken care of the Studio Display problem and they refused a $99 rebate on a $4,700 order, I feel like I should tell you that they're not all that bad. I mean none of this stuff would take me to the dark side.

So, here's something that Apple did right:
As a .Mac subscriber, I get McAfee Virex for free. I know it's silly to run antivirus software on Mac OS X, but I do it as a courtesy to my PC-using friends so I don't inadvertently pass along an infected file that I got in an email. Mac users can still be carriers; we just don't show symptoms. Of course, with or without antivirus protection, it is unlikely for me to forward an infected attachment, since I am not in the habit of forwarding every single joke I receive, unlike some people.

Back in August, Apple made Virex 7.5 available for .Mac users to download. Being an update monkey who checks VersionTracker every day, I of course downloaded and installed the update immediately. Long story short, it deleted the entire inbox of one of my POP accounts. Fortunately, I had run Backup (also part of the .Mac service) the night before, so I only lost a few emails. I checked the discussion board, and there was already a topic started about the issue, but I was only the second person to report the problem. I sent a message to .Mac support explaining the problems. One of the advantages of a paid service like .Mac is that they actually email you back.

I actually received four replies to my inquiry:
Aug 23: We have escalated your report to .Mac engineering. Your message is flagged for follow-up and we will email you once we have a resolution...

Aug 24: Apple does not have information pertaining to any questions outside of installing, opening, and removing the McAfee application Virex...

Aug 25: We have had reports from a small number of customers that have experienced the same issue you are having. While we are unable to give you information as to why it happened because the software was made by McAfee, we are conducting our own investigations. We would like to gather as much information as possible about your computer and the applications you are using...

Aug 31: Thank you for all of your cooperation while we have investigated the issue you are having. We would like to request some additional information...

On August 29, (I think) Apple pulled the 7.5 download link and reverted to 7.2.1. They also linked to the uninstaller script that was part of the 7.5 download. The emails from Apple requested logs, preference files, and also asked me to provide any other information that I felt could be useful. I'm happy that Apple responded so quickly. They actually pulled the download and acknowledged the problem only days after posting the update. As of this posting, the current version available from Apple is still 7.2.1, so I assume they are still continuing their own investigation.

Posted: Saturday - September 25, 2004 at 06:37 PM