Letter to the Editor

An old letter I found on my hard drive.

While searching for something else on my hard disk, I found this letter that I emailed to Germantown Academy's "Academy Edition" newspaper on February 25, 2001. It was never published and I never received a reply.

Dear Academy Edition,

I have been reading The Edition’s every publication for three years. I look forward to those morning meetings when I walk out into the Arts Center Gallery and receive a paper in my hands. I immediately start skimming the headlines, looking for the article I should read first. However, the paper could be better. I come to school hungry every morning because I never have time to eat breakfast if I leave early enough to get a space in the parking lot. I know that my situation is not uniquEdition could do a great service to the community by printing on edible paper. I have heard some rumors that this “New Paper” is planning on edible issues, but lacks the resources necessary for such a venture. The Edition could easily maintain its status as “The Paper” if it stays ahead of its competitors with new advancements in scholastic publication. Thank you for considering my proposal and I look forward to digesting the next issue in more than one way.

A Hungry Reader

Posted: Wednesday - September 15, 2004 at 11:30 PM