Foolproof update

Pimpin' my movie.

I've been working on getting Foolproof some publicity lately, because that's what you're supposed to do after you make a film and you can't think of an idea for your next one.

First, I mailed it to a couple of film festivals that my professor suggested. I haven't heard back from them, but they haven't cashed my checks yet, so I think I still have a chance.

Next, I created a separate page for the movie, with really hot insider info, such as which type of film I used.

This past weekend, I submitted it to J-Stream, the Hopkins Streaming Media Network. There's some other cool stuff on there (at least I thought this was funny) if you're bored and want to check it out. Broadband is totally required, so if you're that guy out in Idaho who still has dial-up, you're out of luck.

And finally, I mailed my tape to iFilm today. I don't even go to that site anymore, but I figure it's a free submission and they have a large audience, so why not. Those of you who are new to iFilm, just trust me when I tell you that it used to be good. Several years ago, back in the days of 405 and The Killer Bean 2, it was all free, you could download high res versions of the films, and there was no registration. Now, there are ads everywhere, you have to sit through a commercial to watch anything, it's all streaming, and the high quality streams are for subscribers only. Oh well. Maybe I should have waited until AFTER they premiere my film before posting this...

Posted: Monday - February 14, 2005 at 03:00 PM