I Voted Before You Did

What? No chads?

My absentee ballot arrived today. Every aspect of it is labeled "official."

The envelope I received it in, as well as the return envelope are labeled "Official Election Mail" and "Official Election Balloting Material." The envelope that contains the ballot itself is official. The front and back of the ballot have "Official" headings.

I also got a separate envelope from the Elephant Party, even though I'm registered as No Affiliation. They thanked me for requesting an absentee ballot, let me know that nearly 1/3 of the ballots are never returned, and then provided a list of the Republican candidates. One of the included fliers is for Bernie O'Neill, and his campaign material includes a place for you to keep track of Important Phone Numbers such as Poison Control and Pizza.

I like this absentee process. I think I'll just plan on being absent for every election so I don't have to deal with lines, surly election officials, or people in general.

Posted: Thursday - October 14, 2004 at 03:12 PM