Incredible Cue — Confirmed!

I was right!

As promised, Adrian confirmed that the change-over cue in The Incredibles is in fact their logo. He also notes that the image is stretched because the film is in CinemaScope format, which is anamorphic. Since you're seeing a picture of the actual print rather than after it's been stretched by an anamorphic projection lens, it looks squeezed. So, when projected, the circular cue is actually an oval, and the characters put on some weight.

If you're ever in South Australia, head to Riverland Drive In Cinema in Barmera. I haven't been to a drive in since the last millennium. Australia's warmer than the US, especially this time of year; maybe I'll go...

Anyway, here it is, the cue at the end of reel 3:

Posted: Friday - January 28, 2005 at 06:52 PM