I need your help

Please remember this entry.

I just remembered that there is a really funny picture that I need to take next time I'm home. So, next time you get word that I'm home, please contact me somehow and ask me if I remembered to take the picture. I really want to take this picture. I would explain what it is, but I think the picture will do better if it just speaks for itself. Please, somebody remind me to take this photograph when I am home. Chances are I won't go home this weekend, but I will probably go the weekend after that. You know, this picture is so good I'm tempted to drive there now, but I don't think I have time. Oh, and if you're home too, come on by and I can take you to the location of the awesome picture. I really hope I can get the angle right; this will only work if two key elements are in the same shot. I'll find a way. Oh this will be so much fun!

Thank you in advance for your help. And don't forget.

Posted: Tuesday - March 29, 2005 at 02:37 AM