Easter Dinner: Chinese

Random quote of the evening:
"That's like drunk math."

No, I didn't mess up the pasta (yet). The pasta dinner has been tentatively rescheduled for tonight (Monday). At least now I can go to Target or something during the day and get some cheap wine glasses. I planned on making the dinner when I got back from Isaac's film shoot, which started at 7. The shoot went very well, and Isaac even treated us to Chinese. Chinese food, that is, not actual Chinese people, which would have been kinda weird. I learned how to play the "Fortune Cookie Game" and definitely have a deeper appreciation for those fortunes now. I might even start ordering Chinese (again, the food) just so I can play. Plus, sesame chicken is pretty good. Umm, so I'm talking about what I had to eat, which I realize is boring. Who am I? Blake? When we wrapped for the night, I learned that although my film had been rejected by all of the festivals I submitted it to, it will be screened at the Johns Hopkins Film Fest. That was nice surprise.

After the shoot, which ended a little after 2, I turned my phone back on, which was off during the shoot because it interferes with every piece of audio equipment I come in contact with. I had three messages waiting, with the last one from just before 2, which was my mom letting me know that my family's flight had been canceled, and they were stranded in Atlanta, which apparently has no vacant hotel rooms. Since they were without Internet access, I got online and spent the next hour or so searching for a way to get them out of there, including looking at airports within a few hours driving distance of Atlanta and checking train schedules. I finally got them on a flight at 6:45 tonight. That's still over 14 hours from now. Hopefully they'll be able to figure something else out before then, but at least they have those (refundable) tickets as a backup.

The whole airport thing wore me out, so I'm not going to do the dinner tonight. Of course the next few days are looking pretty busy too, so I don't know if I'll have time before the weekend to do anything that can't be made in the microwave or toaster oven.

Posted: Monday - March 28, 2005 at 01:30 AM