Cool Flickr software.

Tony encouraged me to try out a new Flickr upload utility called 1001. After a five minute test, Flickr Uploadr went "poof" and 1001 got the honor of the "Keep In Dock" command. The beta expires in July, and hopefully it won't turn into something expensive. If the price is reasonable, however, I will pay for good software. Photos can be added from files in the Finder or by dragging directly from iPhoto (and certain other apps that support drag and drop).

1001 allows you to add titles, tags, and descriptions to any or all of your photos before uploading, and even lets you assign them to your sets (or create new ones) and specify the privacy level. 1001 also includes basic editing features such as rotate, scale, and JPEG conversion, but I have not tested the editing features, so I cannot say anything about their quality.

In addition to all this uploading goodness. It also provides notification of new photos uploaded by your contacts or everyone, or photos with specific tags. Another bonus included in the download is a screensaver which displays the latest image from Flickr.

Of course, to use 1001, you need Mac OS X.

Posted: Tuesday - May 10, 2005 at 04:07 AM