Towson Best Buy — Now accepting $2 bills!

We thought it was funny that they went through all the trouble to check a $2 bill, while they probably wouldn't ever question the validity of a 20.

Remember how I said that I was going to go to Best Buy and pay for something with a $2 bill to see what would happen? Well today Brendan and I needed to pick up a VHS tape, so we decided to hit the Best Buy up by Towson. Yes, this is the Best Buy. The one where the guy got arrested.

Manning the cash register was an employee in training, who hadn't yet earned her blue uniform. Her trainer was standing right behind her watching. The pack of tapes cost between six and seven dollars, so I calmly handed over a five and a two. The girl didn't react at all when she saw the bill, but before she could do anything, the trainer snatched it from her hand without a word (she didn't appear to be amused) and took it to the other counter, where Brendan observed her using one of those counterfeit detection markers to determine the legitimacy of the bill. She then brought it back to the trainee, who completed the sale without further incident.

Posted: Wednesday - May 04, 2005 at 06:09 PM