I taste like awesome

Superduper Wysz.

While doing some random ego-Googling as I waited for my pizza to cook, I came across this Japanese page. Search the page for "Wysz" and you will find this segment:

Apple Store, Bethesda Rowビデオレポート
ifo Apple Storeでは、Home of the Wysz、12月11日にメリーランド州ベセスダにオープンしたミニストア「Apple Store, Bethesda Row」のビデオレポートを掲載していると伝えています。


Systran, via Sherlock, lets us non-Japanese speaking folks know just what they were saying about my video:
In Apple Store and Bethesda Row video report ifo Apple Store, when Home of the Wysz, the video report of mini- STAX "Apple Store and Bethesda Row which" on December 11th are opened in Maryland state is published, it has conveyed.

Posted: Thursday - March 03, 2005 at 12:03 PM