Apple Store, Christiana Mall Update

Scoping it out.

I drove 60 miles from Baltimore to Newark, DE tonight to check out the location of the new Apple Store in the Christiana Mall. I found it on the first floor, and took a peek inside through the glass. It is the typical mall setup, identical to the other mall-based Apple Stores that I've been to at KOP and Towson. This will be the third Apple Store I have visited. In addition to the two I just mentioned, I have also been to the SoHo store.

The store was dark except for the LCD screens of the various computers, all of which were turned on and running demos. The Genius Bar screen was also on. A large number of small boxes were piled behind the cashier's desk; perhaps they contain the t-shirts that will be given away to the first 1,000 visitors. Yes, that's one thousand, not one hundred. At first I assumed that I must have misread the number when I read it earlier, but Google's cache confirms that as of October 12, the number really was 100. I suppose that I don't need to get there super early to be within the first 1,000, but I did go to the KOP store about lunchtime on its birthday, and by the time I got there, all of the t-shirts were gone and they still had a cop standing outside watching us crazy Apple people. KOP also gave away 1,000 shirts and apparently there was an hour wait at 10 AM. I think I'll get there between 7 and 8. I noticed red velvet ropes in the corner, so they're ready for a line. Before leaving the mall, I found the closest entrance (Food Court) so I can wait in the best location. I have two cameras (still and video) loaded and ready to go so I can document the experience.

Well, I'm going to take a nap for an hour or so before heading back to Delaware. The next blog entry should report my successful acquisition of a free t-shirt.

Posted: Saturday - October 16, 2004 at 01:51 AM