Johns Hopkins Security Update

Role reversal.

Well, I was hoping this would make it to the Daily Incident Report, but it didn't. On Saturday, Bill needed to get into a building to do some work, but it was locked. A girl walked out of the building, and Bill took advantage of the opportunity to enter before the door closed. A bit of a role-reversal from his character in "Spare Change." But it's not only Zach's character's action that Bill took on. Bill now has the look. If any of you have seen him in the past year or so, you know what I mean. The girl who opened the door saw Bill enter, and called her boyfriend to tell him that a scary-looking guy had entered the building. The boyfriend then called JHU Security, who searched Clark Hall for a scary-looking white male wearing a t-shirt. They eventually found The Bill, and took him to the boyfriend, who was apparently apologetic to the point that Bill "almost felt bad for him."

Posted: Monday - February 28, 2005 at 01:45 PM