Is awesome.

The RSS description of this CARS article read:
"Apple trying to decide what you'll be forced to buy next."

I thought that it said something about Apple deciding what it was going to buy next. My first thought was a company, because I had just seen a headline speculating that Apple may buy Creative Technology. And I laughed at that, because it sounded ridiculous. Then I thought, CARS is supposed to be ridiculous, so it would make sense for them to write an article in which Apple would choose to buy rather than innovate. And when I started writing this, I found the headline again, and learned that it was Microsoft who was supposed to buy Creative, to compete with the iPod.

Just as I clicked on the headline, I thought that it was going to be about Apple deciding what next big thing to buy, because they have so much money. They would consider buying a bunch of really cool expensive stuff for themselves. Not for business opportunity. That would be funny. I have to go to dinner. Later, kids.

Posted: Thursday - July 14, 2005 at 04:46 PM