GAP iTunes Promotion

Scratching advice.

Earlier today*, I read Gary Allen's blog entry about the iTunes cards being given out at the Gap and their alleged illegibility. Just a few hours later, I was given two of these cards, and I just tried them out. This is what they look like:

Gary wasn't the only one who ran into trouble with what looks like ordinary scratch-off gunk. I started scratching with a quarter, and noticed that the silver was difficult to remove, so I scratched harder. This was the result:

The gunk still obscures some of the characters, and where I was able to get the stuff off, I ended up removing almost all of the digit "3" in the code! Afraid to scratch any more, I started typing the possibilities in iTunes. First try: YPFL3AMEEERM. Rejected. Second try: YPFL3AMLEERM. Nope. Third try: YPFL3AMLEERH. Success! One free song! I also noticed some redundancy in the confirmation page.

Determined to find a better way and share it with the Internet, I placed the second card on a hard flat surface and attempted a new technique. Instead of scratching hard, I scratched very lightly but rapidly, cleanly revealing the new code:

So there you go folks, head out to the Gap and get your free songs, but remember to scratch lightly and rapidly.

*I just realized that it's actually almost 5 AM, so this hardly counts as "today" for most people, and for many early risers is already "tomorrow."

Posted: Saturday - August 27, 2005 at 01:51 AM