Dreams within dreams

It was like one of those multi-layered movies that are frustratingly hard to follow.

BuffyPrep5: you didn't even know how many vowels awesome has
Michael Wyszomierski: 18
Michael Wyszomierski: 4
BuffyPrep5: there aren't even 18 letters in the word
Michael Wyszomierski: 4 is a factor of 18, that's what i meant
BuffyPrep5: i don't even know what taht means
Michael Wyszomierski: good, cause it isn't true
11:20 PM
Michael Wyszomierski: 18 is prime
BuffyPrep5: no it isn't
Michael Wyszomierski: oh
Michael Wyszomierski: so you know what prime means
BuffyPrep5: yes
BuffyPrep5: i'm not a complete moron
Michael Wyszomierski: ...

I kept dreaming that I was waking up. The first time I woke up (or dreamt that I woke up), I knew that I was in a dream, and tried to regain consciousness. I couldn't move easily, because that thing happened where my mind woke up before I was given control of my body, and I was aware of this at the time. I managed to move towards the edge of my bed, but i fell head-first. Fortunately, the whole thing happened in slow motion, which I even thought was weird during the dream, and I couldn't feel anything.

The second time, or maybe it was the first, or possibly the third, I dreamt that I woke up with something hard in my mouth. I chewed it for a second and then took it out of my mouth. It was a yellow Skittle. I then, in my dream, assumed that the Skittle was on the floor, and I placed it in my mouth while half-asleep but wasn't conscious enough to chew it. The idea of eating a Skittle from the floor disgusted me in the dream, and I'm grossed out now.

I can't remember which when it was, but in one part of this waking up dream I started laughing a lot.

Once I dreamed that I had a totally pimped out car, with a secret underground garage that I entered directly from an elevator built into a city street. It just looked like I was parallel parking, but then I got lowered down. Oh, and another time, I knew that I was dreaming, and the dream was about taking finals in my senior year of high school. I had just taken my finals in reality, so I went up to the teacher and complained that I had already taken them, it was summer, and I knew it was all a dream. I also had a dream that I was in middle school, and there was all this glass everywhere, so I just walked around breaking stuff because I knew it was a dream. In one of these dreams I thought it would be cool to jump out of a window because it wasn't real, but I got too scared.

And I just thought the cursor on the screen was a fly.

Posted: Monday - August 29, 2005 at 08:53 PM