Just how small is the iPod nano?

This small:

I went to the Apple Store in Towson Town Center today to see the iPod nano in person. It had just arrived, so they didn't even have it tethered to a display yet, and I really got to get a feel for how it felt. The smaller click wheel was surprisingly easy to use. At first, I held the nano with two hands to steady the device while scrolling around, but I was able to find a comfortable and stable one-handed position after only a few seconds.

Functionally, the nano does everything that my iPod photo does and more; it just has a lower capacity. It features the standard dock connector and a standard headphone jack. Scrolling through the photos was refreshing, as they load a little faster in the thumbnail view, and I don't have to wait for a hard drive to spin up. I can actually feel the drive working in my iPod photo. The screen, a backlit color display, has a very nice resolution, and even at the small size, the text is easy to read and menus are easy to navigate. It works just like the iPod you're used to, so it just feels natural. Of course, once you glance beyond the screen, there is that recurring shock at seeing just how small it is.

All the pictures I've seen so far compare the nano to pencils and other iPods, but I was still having trouble getting a sense of scale, so I brought some commonly known objects of uniform size to the store, and they were nice enough to let me play around with the nano and snap some pictures. Click on a picture to view it full size and to leave comments via Flickr:

At Towson, they had every model in stock except for one (I forget which is was), and the sales guy told me that they had sold "a bunch" of them, and he got the honor of selling the first one at their store. You can learn more about the iPod nano on Apple's website, where you can also order one direct from the Apple Store with free custom engraving. (Brendan, did you notice they have a real-time generator just like you?) Or, if you're an Amazon.com kind of person and don't need engraving, they's gots them nanos too!

Posted: Thursday - September 08, 2005 at 03:43 PM