.Mac upgrade... Another sign that it's coming. Sometime.

The next version of my blog will have an Apple category.

Apple has just launched a "How do you use .Mac?" page on their website, with a link to the survey on their Hot News page. Similar to the Switch campaign, which asked for stories about how new Mac users made the switch, the "Share your story" .Mac survey asks current users how they use the service and what they like about it. The survey has a few typos that I noticed. Let me know if you find any that I missed.

Hopefully, this means that Apple is preparing to launch a new marketing campaign for .Mac, which would logically coincide with an overdue upgrade to the suite of Internet services. (I need more storage!) Think Secret has been reporting on the imminent upgrade, so head there if you want some rumors/details about the matter.

In other .Mac-related news, pages hosted by .Mac, including Home of the Wysz (that's what you're on now), have been loading slowly for the past few days. Even the famous http://homepage.mac.com/steve/ has been affected. This has been reproduced with a variety of ISPs and occurs intermittently. I'm assuming that this is a temporary issue, and Apple will get it sorted out soon. I have informed .Mac Support of the issue.

Speaking of .Mac, I really think you should but it. You can buy a single user subscription, or a family pack!

Posted: Monday - September 12, 2005 at 02:46 PM