.Mac Status

Current status: They all still want me. And the .Mac home page is down.

The .Mac home page is redirecting to the maintenance page. System status from .Mac Support still shows all services as being online, and I can access my iDisk, website, and email. Let's see what happens when the home page returns.

iBlog can't connect to my iDisk right now, so you won't see this until after the maintenance is complete. I can still access my iDisk via the Finder, even if I disconnect it and sign back in.

Update again:
Obviously, iBlog was able to connect. Still no signs of an update, and the maintenance page remains.

Updating again again:
I tried to visit this entry, and found this: 404'd! Also, the support page now indicates that the system is down, yo.

Posted: Monday - September 19, 2005 at 08:35 PM