Steve Sneezes!

Fact: All Yahoo! employees are required to sneeze "Yahoo!" instead of "A-choo!"

I know that sometimes it looks like Apple fans will report any little thing that Apple does, but that's just how we roll, so deal.

Apple has this page on podcasting, even though "podcasting" and "podcast" were not in Tiger's dictionary until I added them manually. At the bottom of the page, they link to a command-line application for inserting chapter markers, pictures, and links into podcasts. First of all, it's kind of weird that Apple would distribute a command-line application to people reading about using GarageBand for podcasts. I thought that they would make a more comprehensive tool that creates a full iTunes-friendly RSS feed. Perhaps that will come in a later version of GarageBand or other utility.

The reason I'm blogging this is because Chapter Tool is hosted on .Mac, which is odd. Here's the URL:

I couldn't find any other content on the applepodcast homepage, except for a blank "Archival Menu" template. I logged into the Public folder of applepodcast's iDisk, and found 1.4 GB available, so Apple must have splurged for the extra gig of storage. Hopefully they've also upgraded spam's storage as well.

Posted: Thursday - September 22, 2005 at 07:42 PM