What's Going On Here?

In unrelated news, our "new" elevator is shaking more than usual. It took them several months to install it, and the only things that changed were the button panels and the door to the machine room. Even the grungy carpet is still there. Did you know that "grungy" is not in OS X's spelling dictionary, but it defined in the dictionary dictionary?

Yesterday, I walked outside to find that all of the cars in front of my apartment building had been removed and the sidewalk was closed. I'm glad I hadn't parked there, because I didn't notice any previous warnings about the upcoming activity, and probably would have been towed. Today, they had the two right lanes of the road closed, and were doing something on or near the buildings. Whatever they were doing involves a cherry-picker, buckets, and guys dressed in white coveralls. I was unable to figure out what they were doing even as I waited to cross the street and while taking a picture.

The remaining cars, outside of the next building down, were covered in plastic:

Another strange thing was that a sign which had been removed weeks ago suddenly reappeared, lying on the sidewalk in its previous condition.

When I returned, the workers were still there, but I was still unable to observe them actually doing anything, even after walking past it two more times while going to the deli, and watching from my window.

Posted: Saturday - September 24, 2005 at 02:05 PM