Near-death beer-related incident

All without taking a sip.

About 45 minutes after returning from the store, I was sitting peacefully at my computer when—POP! I heard something explode next to me, followed by the sound of glass falling. I looked to my right, and a beer bottle had exploded inside of a rolled up paper bag. Fortunately, the bag saved me from any sharp projectiles, but the shards were expelled at such a rate that the top of the bag was pushed open, and the top of the bottle along with a few other pieces exited the bag and landed several inches away:

After I gathered up the courage to put my face closer to the bag for a better look, I saw that it was indeed one bottle that had exploded:

I removed the six-pack containing the broken bottle and saw that the bottom of the bag contained a pool of beer. This was explained when I removed the bottle and saw that the bottom had blown off as well:

At least they put the caps on tight:

Posted: Monday - September 26, 2005 at 04:33 PM