Hopkins Deli Restaurant now open

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My market research staff has informed me that I have an estimated readership of 9.26 Hopkins affiliates, so this message is for you kids. Hopkins Deli, right next to Hopkins House at W. University Pkwy. and 39th, has its new restaurant area open and fully operational. The selection is actually quite good; I chose the calamari and a BLT. I ate there, even though I was the only one dining in at the time. Hopefully as word spreads it will become more popular. They also have a pool table and some arcade games sitting unused. And if you're into the beer thing, they have a few on tap including Yuengling and Guinness. I'd rather just have a Pepsi, but I'm pretty sure I only saw Coke at the fountain. You can't have everything, but for a place so close to campus this is pretty good.

Posted: Thursday - September 29, 2005 at 06:20 PM