I need sleep.

Regarding the previous entry:
4:20:08 PM shkenblke2: i dont really get it, but ok

4:22:58 PM shkenblke2: hey, is there anyway to link keys on my keyboard to iTunes controls?
4:23:57 PM skierwysz: probably but it would be too hard for you
4:24:16 PM shkenblke2: cause im on a laptop and have less keys, or cause you think im dumb
4:24:18 PM shkenblke2: ?
4:24:54 PM skierwysz: i dont even know how to do it
4:25:07 PM shkenblke2: ic
4:25:32 PM shkenblke2: apple should integrate that into the next model
4:25:45 PM shkenblke2: because if you have an apple, your gauranteed to use iTunes
4:26:07 PM shkenblke2: so you could link a play, next/back, and stop buttons real easily
4:26:16 PM shkenblke2: like dedicated keys
4:26:22 PM skierwysz: that would make sense
4:26:30 PM shkenblke2: a lot of pc's have them
4:26:30 PM skierwysz: put it in their feedback page
4:26:33 PM shkenblke2: my dell did
4:26:38 PM shkenblke2: i will consider it
4:27:59 PM skierwysz: yes, consider it before you actually do it, because it will take about as long to tell them as it did for you to tell me. it's a big decision

Fun Fact: The first time I made this entry, I put it in the wrong category.

I started a few Facebook groups last night when I was up late doing homework. If you're at Hopkins, find them on my profile and join them.

You kids remember Automata?

Posted: Thursday - October 06, 2005 at 01:36 PM