Photoshop Tip

Easy erasing.

A common use of Photoshop is to remove the background from an image. If the image is to be composited with a different background, then it's important to completely erase all of the background, or un-erased areas may be visible when viewed on the new background's colors. Finding these areas can be tough even if you change to a contrasting background color, especially if the areas are only a pixel or two in size. Below is an image that I've been working with:

At first glance, it looks like the background is completely white, but I'm sure that I've missed a spot or two, especially since the original photo was taken against a white wall.

To find the edges of the layer (which has transparency), I turned on the Stroke layer effect.

I set a red stroke of 3 pixels, and look what I found:

With the stroke turned on, I simply went around with the eraser tool and got rid of all the red specks.

Hope this was useful. That'll be five bucks.

Posted: Thursday - October 20, 2005 at 06:55 PM