Heroic Man Saves Dog's Life


CARROLLTON, Indiana — Last night at approximately 3:30 AM, Sam, the Jenkins family dog, was sleeping on his bed in the laundry room when a curtain caught fire in the study. He owes his life to the heroic actions of William Jenkins, 54, of Carrollton.

According to Fire Chief James Mitchell, Thursday's early morning blaze began when an old curtain was ignited by a radiator in the house's first floor study. While the family was careful to keep the curtain out of contact with the radiator, it is believed that a small draft allowed the curtain to be blown onto the radiator, where it may have snagged and ignited.

William, who was sleeping upstairs, woke to the sound of the smoke alarms installed in the house. He woke up the rest of his family and led them downstairs. On the way out, Williams nudged the confused Sam and led him outside.

William's actions do not surprise some experts.

"We've known for a long time that people can sense when their pets are in danger, and this is simply further proof," said Sherryl Costino, a cognitive scientist at Indiana University.

Sam doesn't seem concerned with the scientific significance of this morning's events. He's just happy to be a dog.

Posted: Wednesday - December 14, 2005 at 11:28 PM