iTunes Update

SNL clips and a Word of Wyszdom from... Wysz!

Starting today, content from Saturday Night Live is available for download from the US version of the iTunes Music Store. Sketches are $1.99 each and "Best of" compilations are $9.99.

Also released today was an update to iTunes (6.0.2) which, in addition to "performance and stability" improvements, adds a "MiniStore." The "MiniStore" is a compact view of the iTunes Music Store that appears while you browse your library or playlists. It's really just an ad, and doesn't even show relevant content based on your music library. (Update: Actually, it does update to reflect the artist of the song you're playing.) If you want to get rid of it (I'd especially recommend this for users with lower resolutions), simply choose Hide MiniStore from the Edit menu of iTunes. You can always choose to view it again from the same menu. The keyboard shortcut is Apple-shift-M.

Posted: Tuesday - January 10, 2006 at 07:09 PM