PSA for Guys Like Me

Buy things!

Alright, listen up guys. Valentine's Day is a week from tomorrow. I know we all like to procrastinate, but why not surprise that special someone this year and be prepared? I'll make it really easy for you. You can do this all online, and if you act now, I mean just stop what you're doing and click right now, you won't have to choose express emergency rocket shipping. Here's what you should buy, because I get a cut:

1. 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours (It's a book. Girls like it. Trust me; I've seen them read it.)
2. A teddy bear with a shirt that says, "You are awesome." (Don't worry, it's not holding a heart like on SNL. It has a bow.)
3. Valentine's Day music

Posted: Monday - February 06, 2006 at 06:09 PM