Just a reminder to everyone out there who has a computer:

Folding@Home is a project at Stanford studying some important science stuff that has to do with disease, so its results could benefit everyone. The deal is that you can help out by downloading a small program to your computer. Everyone's computer works on small pieces of the problems, so more work gets done faster. You don't have to do anything after today; just install the software and you're already helping.

More info: Home | FAQ | Download

So, don't forget to install Folding@Home if you haven't already. If you have installed it before, just double check to make sure you're still running it. It's easy to forget to install it on new computers or after cleaning your system.

I decided to write this post after a psocial psych lecture on social dilemmas, specifically "Public Goods" dilemmas. Don't think you're just a "drop in the bucket." "Thanks."

Posted: Thursday - March 30, 2006 at 12:10 AM