Do not be afraid.



Happy April Fool's Day, kids.

I'm sleeping through most of the day. A nice side effect is that it will be harder for people to play tricks on me, since almost everyone would have to do it remotely, requiring my consciousness. The reason for my slumber is that I was up all night putting the finishing touches on a new store. I'm coming down like a monkey, but it's all right because it's finished, except for the CD which I'm waiting to hear back from Cafepress on. Thanks to John Young for the inspiration and Bill for the art. This is my best attempt at art.

Here's some Fool's stuff:

The Internet's phone number has been published! First Amazon's customer service number leaked to the general public, and now the Internet itself can be reached directly. No menus to navigate when they're open; you're automatically connected to a live person! Get the number here. I gave them a call to check out what was going on for April Fool's Day, but their April Fool's Committee was foolishly located in El Paso, where they do not have a sense of humor.

On Thursday, I finally was able to catch The Office on TV. During the commercial breaks, they had a couple great "The More You Know" parodies about office relationships. I was laughing out loud, and couldn't wait for someone to post them on the Internet. Well, the wait is over, as NBC has posted them on their site. And, the best part is, even though it's NBC, the videos work on a Mac!

Flickr got in the foolish spirit today... there seems to be something up with their interestingness algorithm. Go explore.
(Hint: It's weighted towards a certain tag. Just take a guess before you click.) is upside-down.

As usual, you can find a list of many of today's hoaxes over at Wikipedia.

Posted: Saturday - April 01, 2006 at 05:52 AM