Now I need to cleanse myself with a really good Apple entry.

Please don't be alarmed, I know I just linked to a way that allows you to put Windows on a Mac. For the record, I totally don't recommend doing it, however, I think it is a good solution for people who want to buy a Mac, but want to know that they can always go back to Windows if they need to. Plus, not everyone develops for the Mac, so in some cases I myself might need to switch over for a second. Everything has its purpose.

But while I'm already talking about Microsoft, I thought I'd mention Windows Live Local, part of Windows Live. Evan just sent me a link to it, and it's a different way of navigating. Windows Live Local actually allows you to "drive" around a city, sort of like the "3D Buildings" feature in Google Earth, but with actual photographs along with an aerial map view. The interface is still pretty clunky, but kudos to Microsoft for being creative, and I can see how in some cases this could be a useful product.

Mac users, please know that it doesn't work in Safari as of this entry. The Mozilla browsers (Firefox/Mozilla/Camino) or the latest version of Opera will allow you to try it out.

Posted: Wednesday - April 05, 2006 at 05:19 PM