The Return

Hi, Internet! Remember me? I'm back!

Testing one two three. Check. Check one. Check two. Check three. Man, this blog is dusty.

Alright, guys, I think I've got the old blog fired up again after over a week of Wysz's Great Internet Blackout. You see until last night, I'd been doing hardly anything online. I didn't update my blog, I didn't go on AIM, and my email inbox piled up so high that it now rivals the Library of Congress in volume.

Since my online activity is usually strictly correlated with my consciousness, people began to wonder what was going on after only a few days. I got concerned emails, writing on my Facebook wall, people contacting my roommate, and some even turned to calling my cell phone to get in touch with me. Most people assumed I had left the planet. Oh, and speaking of my cell phone, I still to this day have never sent a text message in my life. I tried to a couple days ago but it didn't work.

So, what have I been doing? Glad I asked.

I've been acting like a student at Johns Hopkins. Like a totally real university-level academic. Now I've been a student for quite some time here, doing the usual things like going to class and taking exams, like one would do at any school. But last week, my behavior became more extreme. I started waking up at 6 AM instead of staying up until 6 AM. And I wasn't waking up to update my blog. I was working. Eventually my schedule reached the point where I was awake for several days, only sleeping for two hours at a time to keep me going. I was a machine. I edited videos, made 4,000 trips to the Digital Media Center, actually worked at home on Easter weekend, burned 29 DVDs in 45 minutes, took an exam at some point, wrote a presentation, talked to an experimental filmmaker about books, and even found myself getting things together for a class that I had dropped several weeks ago.

But that's mostly behind me now, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have at least two more videos to produce, a presentation on Monday, and finals, but after that I'm graduating so it's all good. I'm even going to make an effort to be somewhat social this weekend by going to Spring Fair, since it's my last chance to experience it as a student. In the past, I've only walked past it on my way home or to class.

So that's the deal, folks. I was working. But I'm back now so more fun is on the way. And thanks to everyone who asked how I was doing. Shout-out to Embry-Riddle. I gotta get back to work.

Posted: Friday - April 21, 2006 at 08:48 AM