Where have I been?

3 cities in 2 days.

In two days, I went from home (Philly) to Baltimore to New York to Baltimore (again) to home. I had to go into Baltimore on Friday for my final student film screening, which was cool because of an unexpected program note. Because the screening was on Friday, I wasn't able to camp out for the grand opening of the new Apple Store in New York, so I decided I should try to get there within 24 hours of the opening, which was at 6 PM on Friday. So, I went up to New York on Saturday and saw the store, which is awesome. I got there around 2:00, and had to wait about 20-25 minutes in line, even though it had already been open for 20 hours straight. But I couldn't stay long, because I had to go all the way back to Baltimore for a film party that night. I couldn't stop there, however, since we had a thing at our house at noon today (Sunday), so after the party I disassembled my futon in about 10 minutes, stuck as much of my apartment in my car as possible (I'm moving out), and drove home, arriving at around 2 AM this morning. So, that's what I've been up to.

Posted: Sunday - May 21, 2006 at 02:58 PM