Need a graduation gift? Get a smelly bear!


This is totally an ad, but it's a cool idea, so here we go. There's a new business out there that sells scented teddy bears, which are shipped to the gift recipient with a personalized message. What you do is pick a bear, pick a fragrance, and then add them both to your cart. The bear is then sprayed with the fragrance and then shipped with the personal message that you write during checkout. Don't worry, I've been assured that the scent is "tastefully applied" and does not harm the bear.

This is a great graduation/birthday/Valentine's Day/Arbor Day gift for that special (or smelly) friend of yours.

So, if you've taken any psych at all in school, you will know that what you want to do is choose the same fragrance that you wear yourself. That way your loved one's schema for you will be activated when she or he sees the cute bear. (Or, when your loved one smells you, the schema for a cuddly bear who is an excellent listener and does no wrong will be activated.) At least that's how I think it works. I didn't always do that well in psych.

But anyway, I said this was an ad, so let's get to what the client provided:

[Changes to marketing/broadcast voice.]

"In love? In the dog house? Give the one you love something special! It's FAST, EASY, and INEXPENSIVE. sells personalized scented teddy bears. You can choose from a variety of plush, huggable bears and also from our selection of more than 80 perfumes and colognes to be tastefully applied to the bears. Your scent on the bear will remind the recipient of you every time they hug it."

Posted: Tuesday - May 23, 2006 at 01:39 PM