Upcoming Events in D-Town

Apple stuff!

I was going to go to the Apple Store opening in Freehold today, but my love of sleep prevailed. Fortunately, another Apple event is just around the corner, with the grand opening of MacOutfitters, Doylestown on Tuesday.

Formerly known as The Computer Forum, the MacOutfitters gang will open their doors on Tuesday at their new location just across the street at Barnaby's Plaza. While this will be their third location since I've known them, they've always sold Macs and they've always been in Doylestown. I'm probably going to stop by in about an hour before they close their Cross Keys Place for good, so I'll check on the opening time for you. I'm pretty sure it'll be 9 AM, their usual Tuesday opening time.

And then, they kick off their Grand Opening Week celebration on the evening of Friday, June 9th with a visit from Andy Ihnatko. More info on their events page.

Posted: Saturday - May 27, 2006 at 01:03 PM