On Target...


I went to Target tonight to pick up a $10 gift for a holiday party gift exchange thing. Ten bucks gets you pretty far at Target, so I walked out with penguin-themed salt and pepper shakers as well as a penguin mug for $9.71. I guess I could throw 29ยข in the mug to make it fair, but I can always right that difference off as "shipping and handling."

But anyway, the reason this is blog-worthy (can you tell I have strict criteria?) is that when I got to the checkout station, the cashier exclaimed, "Oh I love those penguins!" and started talking to another cashier about how cute they were and how she was going to take them home as decorations, but not put salt and pepper in them. Now there is nothing wrong with it, as I must admit I have great taste when it comes to cute penguins, but all I could think about was that SNL sketch (sorry for the MySpace link) where the cashier wants to purchase products that she sees her customers buying. I'm easily amused, so I was having a hard time preventing myself from laughing as the penguins were being wrapped up.

Posted: Wednesday - December 06, 2006 at 10:28 PM