RSS Visualizer

Customize Tiger's RSS screensaver. It's awesome!

One of the new screensavers included with Tiger is an RSS visualizer, which, thanks to Quartz Extreme, displays the RSS feed of your choice in a smooth animation of the headlines along with some text from the body of the entry.

Bookmark your favorite feed in Safari, and then follow these instructions to try it out. It doesn't support images (yet), but it's still pretty cool, and an excellent show-off tool when you're around Windows-using friends. By the way, I resized these graphics using Automator. I created a workflow that asks for the files, copies them to a new location (so the originals aren't messed with), resizes them to 400 pixels wide, and then converts them to JPEG. The originals were full-screen TIFF files from Grab, so this process saved me a few steps.

Posted: Wednesday - May 04, 2005 at 12:16 AM