Politically Correct. And awkward.

Hmm, turns out that Purim thing was still going on, so maybe I'm not an idiot. Nah, I'm an idiot.

Today after my first class, the professor said wished me a happy Easter in the hallway, and I returned the expression, and went to lunch at Levering, one of our cafeterias. As usual, I went to the hoagie station. Well, "sub" station. Actually, I think it is called "Sub Station." No, "Sub Connection." Maybe. I don't remember. Anyhoo*, when the woman gave me my BLT, I still had my professor's greeting fresh in my mind and wished her a happy Easter. When I got to the cashier, I realized that I now had to say something to her too, since she most likely heard what I said to the woman who made my sandwich. But, in a sudden panic, I decided to play it safe, and said, "Have a great holiday." As I began filling my soda at the fountain right next to the cash register, I thought, "What other holiday could someone possibly be celebrating right now?" I felt so stupid that I didn't even fill the soda all the way, slammed the lid on the cup, and got out of there. This is why I can't go back to Levering for several weeks.

*Don't you HATE that?

Posted: Saturday - March 26, 2005 at 12:17 AM