Monday Morning

An adventure.

All I wanted was a taste of home. It was almost 5 AM, and I had a sudden urge to drink some Wawa coffee. I knew that if I went to bed I would risk missing my 11:00 class, so I figured there was no harm in going out. I went on Wawa's website and typed in my zipcode to find their nearest location. I put the address into Mapquest to see how far away it was, and Mapquest informed me that the address doesn't exist. I still wanted my coffee, so I got in the car anyway.

Once in the car, I tried to enter the address into my dad's Magellan RoadMate 700 that I've been "borrowing" for the past month. It told me that the city doesn't exist. This wasn't going to stop me. I went to the "Points of Interest" feature, typed in Wawa, and routed to the nearest match. It took me to a building which was obviously a Wawa at some point, with the stone walls as a giveaway, but now is some weird tropical theme restaurant. After deeming Baltimore a "dirt city," I punched in location number two. This one was some Pantry thing. I think I've seen them take over Wawas before.

Not willing to give up, I looked up the next address, which was 22 miles away from the Pantry. It was too late to turn back now, so I followed the directions. For the first few miles, I shouted at every suitable corner, "If this was Pennsylvania there would be a Wawa here!" After that, I got on the Beltway and continued my journey towards the alleged Wawa location in Rosedale. And you know what? IT EXISTS! Victory was mine. At this point, it was 7 AM and a very popular place. I got my coffee and chocolate covered donut, which costed less than two bucks, and headed back towards my apartment, which was only 9.8 miles away from the Wawa.

Of course, someone had taken my parking spot while I was gone. I circled the block a few times, looking for a legal space. I finally found one on a nearby street, but had to turn around since I was on the wrong side. I turned around near some of the dorms, and saw a car pulling out as I passed. I knew that in between the dorms is probably the safest place I can park, so I did a quick lap and took the spot. When I finally got back to my building, I saw that the space RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR had opened up. I wanted to go back and get my car, but the chances of the spot remaining open at this time of the day were too slim, and I went inside. Before heading upstairs, I checked my mailbox. Once again, a letter (well, postcard) from Sarah appeared just in time to bring me out of a bad mood and make me feel better. Weird how she can do that, and this time all the way from New Zealand!

That was my morning.

Posted: Monday - September 27, 2004 at 05:22 AM