Wysz's Thoughts v.iPod Photo

More on the iPod Photo and resolution.

Skip said that my my iPod entries were "thorough." Well, my coverage is about to get thorougher*. While the US page is somewhat vague about the number of high resolution photos you can store, the Singapore iPod Photo page confirms that the 25,000 is based on storage of full-resolution images:

A typical 4-minute song encoded in AAC at 128 Kbps weighs in at approximately 4MB. Compare that to the approximate 2.4MB of a 4MP digital photo. Thanks to that size difference, you can carry more than 25,000 4MP digital photos on either a 40GB or 60GB iPod Photo. If your camera captures less than 4MP of resolution, iPod Photo will accomodate even more pics. Shooting with a 6MP (or larger) camera, fewer of those higher-resolution photos will fit on iPod Photo

I'm not sure why they say that the 40GB model can hold 25,000+, because 2.4 x 25,000 รท 1,000 = 60. And yes, I know that 1 GB isn't really 1000 MB, plus there's formatting and software... whatever. But there you go, it stores 25,000 full resolution photos, not resized 640x480 versions. I still want to see iTunes in action with an iPod Photo so I can see what the resizing options are.

*not actually a word

Posted: Saturday - October 30, 2004 at 04:20 PM