iPod Photo Resolution

Test pictures at iPod Photo's 220x176 resolution.

I was curious how my photos would look on an iPod Photo's small screen, so I used iPhoto to export two pictures at 220x176, the resolution of an iPod Photo display. The pictures are surprisingly detailed. Depending on your computer's display size and resolution, they may appear larger or smaller than they would on an iPod Photo, which has a 2-inch diagonal screen.

I then set my monitor's colors to "thousands" to see if I could more closely match the 65,536 color palette of the iPod Photo, and took screenshots. I wanted to specifically set the number of colors in Photoshop, but I could only figure out how to set it up to 256. As you can see, there is only minimal dithering, and it's hard to notice at this size unless you look very closely.

I'm going to go see an iPod Photo in action at an Apple Store soon, but so far it already gets my thumbs-up.

Posted: Friday - October 29, 2004 at 03:42 PM