The Incredibles

My incredible observation.

I saw The Incredibles tonight, and it is pretty good. It is a lot different than previous Pixar films, as all the characters were (super)human. There are guns, and even death. But I'm not saying that it isn't a kids movie or that these differences really stand out. It was just something I noticed. Overall, the movie is very entertaining, and the story explains why Pixar has a perfect track record with its films. Of course, the animation is "incredible" and has the distinct Pixar style. Pixar's films don't feel like computer animated films; I think they are more like 3D versions of classic American animation—if that makes any sense.

The reason I wanted to blog The Incredibles was because I'm pretty sure that the change-over cues were the "Incredibles" symbol instead of the usual circle. It looks like a lowercase "I" in an oval. If a projectionist out there can confirm or deny this, please email me.

Oh, and PS- I'm blogging from home. Hope this works.

Posted: Friday - November 05, 2004 at 09:38 PM