Something new every time

Another Foolproof screening mishap.

I just got back from the Hopkins Film Fest, where my film had its third public screening. The two previous showings had unexpected audio glitches. Tonight, I was relieved when the soundtrack had no issues. However, at the end, when the film goes to TV blue, the trigger-happy projectionist thought it was real, and stopped the tape before the credits. I wasn't angry or anything, as the credits aren't an essential part of the film, and I thought it was pretty funny anyway. I love tricking people. I'm just disappointed that the audience didn't get to hear the smash hit "Blender Salute" from the Monophonotones.

This is actually the second time one of my productions has seen itself cut before the credits. Last year the day camp highlights video was turned off before we could roll the credits. I didn't care, but I'm sure some of the kids were looking forward to seeing their names on the big screen.

Posted: Friday - April 22, 2005 at 06:07 PM