Something That Just Happened, and Something I Just Thought About

Boo! An autograph!

Something That Just Happened:
I was sitting at my computer (as usual) when I thought I saw Bill enter in the corner of my eye. I typed for a few more seconds, and then turned to see what he wanted. Instead of seeing Bill, I realized that I had actually just seen my blanket hanging from my door. For some reason, this was terrifying for a split second, and I screamed. I then started laughing because of how ridiculous it was.

Something I Just Thought About:
Last year in Bill and John's room, I autographed a lacrosse ball and a baseball. On the baseball, I wrote, "Thanks for watching!" and signed my name. On the lacrosse ball, I wrote, to the best of my memory, "Steve, keep hitting the ball. Score!" and then signed my name. When I went into John's apartment this year, the lacrosse ball was displayed in his room. Then, when I moved into my apartment, Bill brought out the baseball in a display case, and set it on the coffee table.

Thanks for reading.

Posted: Wednesday - September 15, 2004 at 10:27 PM