Flooding in Pennsylvania.

These pictures were taken at about 2:00 today by my sister and father. The river is supposed to peak at 8 tonight. This is all within walking distance of my house. My family thought it was cool that they got to go beyond the police line because they are residents.

This is River Road, where it intersects Cuttalossa Road. To the left of that is what's supposed to be the canal, to the left of that is the Delaware River, and to the left of that is New Jersey. If you've been here before, notice the height of the water at the Cuttalossa Inn sign.

This is the Lumberville-Raven Rock Footbridge. Click here for a shot of the bridge with the river at normal height.

A flooded portion of River Road.

Here comes a tree!

This is the Cuttalossa Inn. I can't find a good "before" picture of it, so let me try to explain. The table and chairs are located on a balcony, overlooking a stream.. Click here for a "before" shot, located on the inn's website. To the right of the balcony (not in this picture) is what used to be a waterfall, making the inn a popular location for weddings. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for a "before" picture. No, seriously, click here and look how high it is! That's all underwater.

Oh, and that washed out sign you see in the flowers? "PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED."

Posted: Sunday - September 19, 2004 at 03:55 PM