So THAT'S where they're coming from!

My traffic has been up lately.

I have been receiving a lot of traffic for the past few days, and just figured I had hit some hot keyword on Google with a recent blog entry. Then today NetNewsWire picked up this article which links to Friday's AppleInsider article about Mac OS X Tiger Family Pack. I'm the reader mentioned in the article, which links to my entries on the subject. I had emailed Kasper about my experience with Amazon shortly after posting my related blog entries.

The AI article suggests that Apple may be discontinuing the Family Pack editions with Tiger, but I doubt that this is the case, especially since now more than ever there are households with multiple Macs, and I'm sure people are more likely to buy the Family Pack than they are to purchase a separate single-client package for each machine. Amazon's actions have little if any indication of Apple's intentions for Tiger. Apple is pretty tight-lipped about everything, and is reluctant to share its secrets with others. Of course they do have some reason to be careful.

Posted: Monday - April 11, 2005 at 02:22 PM