Sunday - February 25, 2007

Samsung Challenge: Type your phone number without typing anything


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Sunday - February 11, 2007


I thought it was funny.

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Tuesday - January 09, 2007

Actual Quote

And a good one. At least for those of us who didn't have to go through it.

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Friday - December 22, 2006

Get it?

I think it's hilarious.

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Sunday - November 19, 2006


You have no idea how annoying the political ads are in this state. Unless you have seen them. Then you know. Excuse me for assuming.

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Sunday - October 15, 2006

Quickest Blog Reference EVER

This would have been more impressive if each IM was time-stamped like in AIM.

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Thursday - October 05, 2006

Public Shaming

I miss the original.

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Tuesday - October 03, 2006


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Friday - September 15, 2006

Information Superhighway, here we come!

Next: We resurrect cyber.

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Wednesday - September 06, 2006

Mac Tip

My awesome indeed.

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Wednesday - September 06, 2006

Explanation for "Something interesting"

Please don't make me explain all the other 1500 entries.

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Wednesday - September 06, 2006

Something interesting

Person: Where do you sit, Michael?
Me: Oh, I sit near Michael.

That is not how you use the word near!

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Tuesday - September 05, 2006

I don't watch TV

Yes I do.

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Sunday - September 03, 2006

John Young's away message


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Sunday - September 03, 2006

Speaking of Segways

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Sunday - September 03, 2006

"The closest I've ever been to a cow is a quart of milk."

I don't know how close I've been.

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Sunday - September 03, 2006

Blue Man Group on Friday, Nov. 3 — NOT!

Yeah, I remember when ...Not! was big. Really big.

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Thursday - August 31, 2006

I sent this to myself from my other computer via Bonjour.

Time to test out the blog again... I hope this works!

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Monday - July 10, 2006

Worth a blog entry

From Evan.

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Thursday - July 06, 2006


I'm a college graduate, but I still have trouble with spelling.

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